TESDA RTC 1 Mission:

The Regional Training Center is committed to provide high quality technical-vocational education and skills training towards the development of productive and competitive middle-level manpower, responsive to the national development goals and priorities.

TESDA RTC 1 Vision:

A leading provider of quality assured, market driven and relevant technical-vocational education and skills training for competitive blue-collar workforce.

TESDA RTC 1 CORE Values:         

Technology driven
Service oriented
Developmental approach
Relevant programs
TVET focus
Customer care


Goal 1 : Responsive, relevant and quality education and training program implementation
Goal 2 : Development of training / learning packages
Goal 3 : Comprehensive and well-rounded Training Support Services for the trainees and graduates
Goal 4 : Enhance Extension Services capability
Goal 5 : Quality Management
Goal 6 : Comprehensive, purposive and relevant staff development
Goal 7 : Administration Services
Goal 8 : Green TVET Implementation
Goal 9 : Diploma Courses Implementation
Goal 10 : Development of comprehensive training center FEM Plan

The Regional Training Center No. 1 (RTC 1) was created in April 30, 1977 thru the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 442 under Book II Article 47. It is one of the ten skills training center set-up by the national government nationwide in affirmation of its commitment to the development of the country’s manpower resources in the 1970s.

Now on its 43rd year of existence, RTC 1 have been continuously recognized as one of the pioneer in the field of skills training in the region. 

Since its establishment in 1977, the journey of the center in terms of quality training has significantly evolved. The quality focus of the center has expanded towards its overall operation systems. The Training Center have been given quality recognitions such as productivity award by the Regional Development Council under the cluster of the TESDA Regional Office in 2009, “VERY GOOD” rating by the Civil Service Commission’s Public Service Delivery Audit (PASADA) in 2010, and “BRONZE LEVEL” accreditation by the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) also in 2010.