The TESDA-Regional Training Center I enjoined its staff and trainees in the celebration of Women’s Month last March 31, 2022 at the center’s dormitory and mini-organic farm.

There is a friendly baking contest conducted among all the center’s staff to emphasize that anything can be done by anyone regardless of one’s gender. This activity is also aimed to determine the feasibility of the center to offer related qualifications in the future.

Meanwhile, there is also a Gender Sensitivity Awareness Seminar conducted for the on-going trainees, aimed to promote gender equality and sensitivity among them.

“Being gender equal can be simplified just by looking in our homes. It is just actually expanding how we treat our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters to the entire community – to all women. By doing so, we would not belittle women, instead, we will be constantly reminded that it is them that brought us forth in this life, it is them that gave us purpose to have attained whatever we have right now. As the old saying goes: In every man’s triumph, there is always a woman behind.” says Mr. Artemio S. Pulido – the center chief, during his closing remarks.

All the activities were organized by Ms. Hannah June V. Sarcia, TESD Specialist II and the center’s Gender and  Development focal.